Cosmic love

Rising in consciousness distance doesn’t matter Matter doesn’t exist when We speak in dreams It is not a 3D video game kind of love It is not a game at all There are no rules here Just our souls, Communing Our time in the physical plane Is a sacred ritual Signs and wonders when we […]

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Coffin Bell

The coffin bell rang, Five minutes after the last mourner left, my friend. I was still alive when your Draconian claws ripped my heart out. You cried your alligator tears. But your truth you could not hide. Thought you killed all of your fears. Because the coffin bell rang again. Emergent, like a sparkly blue […]

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The Incel

  Where did the flow go? Did it float away With my love for you? When I learned You were just a parasite A vampire, hiding in the night, Just feeding on and using my love Did you get your fill, Did you get your kicks? Wiping your blade and Licking your lips Where did […]

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You’re revenge Is one day a gift The next it’s hell Served with a side of black The color of your soul Overtaken, by the voices you choose to follow You never saw me The real me Instead choosing to see in me All the parts of you That you despise I see it in […]

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You transferred your light into notes The depths of light you refuse Come out through your sound Your touch Your tears Your fears Remember that note It activated me It glitched my programming It set me free You did that with your beautiful harmonics A healer with sound You don’t even realize That you are […]

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Complete vulnerability Is hard Especially with you I know you hear my thoughts I know you want me to say You want me to say what is bursting from me The spirals of bliss filled emotion I love you That spin in me when I think of you You’ve rejected my love Over and over […]

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Feel Again

The merge of left and right the feeling of dark and light Don’t allow the thoughts of your logical brain to block Girl, just write. The words that you are pulling from another galaxy type with your eyes closed. Do what you must to conjure that vibe let the outward sunlight shine from the inside, […]

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