Without You

To try and assimilate My big brass bed of emotion A window ledge, dusty. I try to keep the glass clean, To let the light in. I worked hard To let go of what I thought I felt. When I was with you. Looking through your window Calling your name, hoping you’d call mine the […]

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Sometimes my fingers can’t keep up with the energy that is flowing through them. A short circuit occurs, when you look at me. I asked my beloved once, “How could you love someone like me?” He replied, “I can’t.” Heartbroken…she swallowed the rejection and asked, “Why….?” “Because,” he replied, “I’ve yet to learn to love […]

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I saw you that day was it today? I write You speak I can do want your thoughts say Leave me some smoke The way you leaned in It wasn’t towards me I see you Player

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I saw Your Soul

I love Being a conduit Everyone watching something fiat for 3 days Day 3 of inhaling light I can C through U 2 shamans sitting here In their might Drinking beer Writing through their fears Tasting their tears And the ones of those around them for a thousand years!! I pray that your karma is […]

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Scales off of your eyes

For the first time you can see C C C Me Me Me But really what you c C C C Is Me? Me? Me? I will write about the thoughts you throw at me Food is great for the soul But based on your thoughts Your soul flew away eons ago I challenge your […]

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I can see you Behind your mask I just wish you would wear it less often So the rest of the world could also see your soul smile too

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Never never land

The year the dark was introduced to me 1992 Enter sandman Enter the void The silence was unknown A sound unheard I was 14 I didn’t see light Only black Come back Ok I said Only this one time That was when I knew Death would chase me And has ever since

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The City

I asked for a download To know the truth Glimpses stare at me Like orbs zooming in and out of sight My thoughts go dark It gets more difficult to maintain the light Where did you go? The city sounds different now Birds and sirens beat with the sound of people in their yards I […]

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Sitting on my front porchNo this ain’t no country songLove one another is a new songIt is even harder when everyone’s darkness is on their faceI need to dig deep into the emotion that is always thereand channel it into something biggersomething biggersomething brighterWe knew this was comingmy dear ones, we knewDon’t forget the sunshinebut […]

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