The Hunted

My headphones protect me From the bombardment of thoughts Whispers that I can hear above the clouds Your voice booms gently in my etheric ear I’ve watched this movie before The tragic ending of unrequited love I just have to push all the other sounds out All that remains is you….warmth Radiant warmth that I […]

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I sit under a starless sky Hoping to connect To my love Laying in your arms Sending laserbeam messages to other planets My head in the crook of your arm Decorating trees Hoping fairies would enjoy our offering Now just a memory We stayed up until 🌄 morning Blissed This ones for you

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We Are both LOVE

We danced Each wearing our best mirrored outfit Our light reflecting off of one another So bright, we were blinded We could only see each other’s dark The hidden parts The fear Our dance and bedazzlement, Became panicked flight I hope our flight paths cross once more In a few more sleeps When our eye […]

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I do hate you 💋

Had I found you Before the world ripped my heart apart Maybe you would have seen me as worthy of your time It doesn’t matter now The trust is gone I showed you my true self I shared my secrets with you And you just used me to get your dick wet Whispering lies Knowing […]

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Hot Day

You’re like a sprinkler on a hot day Didn’t know I needed you until it was a hot day It was hot day today And yesterday You make my bpm rise Sparkling smile Eyes twinkling above the sky Everything was ok Until I realized I wanted you to stay Don’t slay Please stay Don’t slay […]

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I woke up happy Not sure why Usually every morning I wake I pray to die Was it Saturn direct? Or has my heart finally healed? Use my body so non chalantly And toss me in a pile like dirty laundry Add a beat bitch and spit some of my rhymes this time cause yours […]

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Without You

To try and assimilate My big brass bed of emotion A window ledge, dusty. I try to keep the glass clean, To let the light in. I worked hard To let go of what I thought I felt. When I was with you. Looking through your window Calling your name, hoping you’d call mine the […]

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Sometimes my fingers can’t keep up with the energy that is flowing through them. A short circuit occurs, when you look at me. I asked my beloved once, “How could you love someone like me?” He replied, “I can’t.” Heartbroken…she swallowed the rejection and asked, “Why….?” “Because,” he replied, “I’ve yet to learn to love […]

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I saw you that day was it today? I write You speak I can do want your thoughts say Leave me some smoke The way you leaned in It wasn’t towards me I see you Player

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I saw Your Soul

I love Being a conduit Everyone watching something fiat for 3 days Day 3 of inhaling light I can C through U 2 shamans sitting here In their might Drinking beer Writing through their fears Tasting their tears And the ones of those around them for a thousand years!! I pray that your karma is […]

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