1 in 7 billion

Out of seven billion people I would still choose you I said you were my 1 in 2 But that was a lie. Out of every choice In the Universe I would still choose you. What hurts, is you choose anyone, but me.

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Why am I crying right now? I mourn for something I’ve never had. Multiple suitors, new everyday. They tell me I am an angel!… Don’t you know angels can’t marry mortals? You ask me to be your wife? You don’t know me! I can predict the future, it will only be strife! The sparkle and […]

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Words I can never say

Time slows down when I’m with you My heart nearly beats through my chest My body tremors at the sound of your voice It’s hard to not scream “I adore you”! I wish to ravish you and skip the pleasantries Commit every square inch of you to memory Each time feels like the first Each […]

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