I’ll feel your pain And cry in solidarity Holding your hand in the darkness In the shock, you can use my love As an anchor To not get swept away in a sea of grief My love is here for you I hug you from the galactic center Holding your broken pieces together Sometimes we […]

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The Veil

It’s like you’re someone I met outside Outside of myself Outside of the matrix I am in a simulation I get glimpses outside Behind the veil You were there To help me see To help me feel again The wonder Of being alive Came back When I was with you

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Smoke another feeling

Entangled in your energy, I try to smoke it away, the cosmic connection, to something I am trying to understand. Nothing I try breaks it, the feeling of feeling you. A warmth that starts in my knees. Only you do this to me. It’s not just an emotion. It’s a way of being, time to […]

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The new way to love

You have been searching like me. The empty void feeling of unrequited love. Always giving, never connecting, hiding your truth. People can’t handle the intensity of real love. Retract, retreat, revile. You’ve never felt anything like this before. It’s the new way to love, Aquarian-age love. Divine love, of the mind, body, and soul. Feeling […]

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Dear you

Dear You, Did you not see? Did you not see all the ways I loved you? Did you not recognize, my heart, aching for you? Did you not notice me cooking meals for you? Bringing you food and coffee at work? I remembered that you liked french vanilla. Did you not notice that I never […]

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I sit here, and wonder where you are? The one who visits me in my dreams, do you see me in yours?

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Love Letters

I am ready to become the author of my own life. I logically understood this most of my life and saw glimpses of the power of it. But there was a comfort in denial, of having someone, something, or an outside power to blame. I am so thankful for all of my experiences. I needed […]

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Time Travel

I know. Like a Jedi, they just know. I no longer need confirmation, I just know. I was time travelling in memory. The comfort of those thoughts, they bring me joy. Why shouldn’t I visit them often? They counter the pain, of missing you.    

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Target Practice

The worst pain of my life. Has been living without you. My darlings, I miss you. Why did I choose this path? Then you came along. I loved you, with a kind of love, I’ve never felt. My love for you, held me over, kept me from the darkness. Now it’s gone. The darkness remains, […]

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Streetlight music sessions

I’m used to not being loved. I’m used to being manipulated. I’m used to being used. I thought you were different. I thought going with my heart would heal me. I thought, I thought, I thought. I thought you into existence. You appeared….like words on a page, but instead you were notes on a weathered […]

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