Quantumly, I wish.

I wish I could talk with you right now. I wish I could nuzzle into your neck. I wish you could see me. I wish you could see how each of my cells warms at the thought of you. I wish I had one of your shirts, So I could smell you, all the days […]

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The sound of the coffee machine brings back memories; I stand there smelling the aroma and trying to recall if these memories were good ones or bad ones. No specific image comes to mind, instead of a quick montage of moments, feelings, and fears I felt hearing that coffee machine at 5 am.

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Love Me

This simulation I am in Reminds me of a late 90’s Alberta dive bar A cover band covers a CCR song Regretting a few decisions The decisions that brought them to this dive bar I’m the token brown girl It’s cool I’m used to this role The anomaly in a program Of easily hacked code […]

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In the World

I just needed some quiet, The constant bombardment of energy. The assault of another’s thoughts. The grief, the shame, the trauma. Feeling so deeply… Seeing beauty through the scars. My own protection has been hardness and humor. Sometimes a good night of self-medicating helps. It never really goes away. The diachtomy between feeling and thinking. […]

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