Smack that

I see you Sneaking around In my dark spaces In my white spaces You make me sick No worries As, you’ll never understand me. I know you are seeking a reason to nail my balls to the wall Pitiful, that you have no joy in your life you have to spy on mine Get your […]

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This ghost won’t stop In my mind And dreams Leave me alone Peace? I go within Quiet And that’s where you are too Fuck

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Let me

Can’t live Can’t die Useless in a corporation run society May as well get high My value is only a dollar figure Useless if I cant even feed myself You look at me like I’m trash I guess I am. Go on and keep feeding the machine Paste on a fake smile And blame the […]

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I know what it feels like to seek death I know what it feels like to want it Darkness is still in me, it comes out in my own unconscious space I wish I could tell it to go I wish I could be whole again I miss some aspects of my old life The […]

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When the light awakensYou are the one I tap intoMaybe because you could be the first personthat had a familiar frequencyyour connection to the star’swas evidentyou synthesize meit seems our satellite has been destroyedI wish you welland I wish you were hear.

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The moon was exaulted in Taurus when you came to mind.The energy so rare, it can draw out whatever is hidden.LoveI think now that you are just meant to be a treasured memory,to be savoured when life gets too dark.It has been dark since November.DistrActions help me focuson my missiondoing it secretly, everywhere I go.At […]

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A forever chain of daisies crossing one another once in a while around infinity. Is it even possible to let go and still love? I’ve tried to turn my love to hate, a physical pain in my heart, missing you? It is not even a longing so much as an ache. Is this the mourning […]

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