I know I have a dark sense of humour, but do you get off wagging a carrot in front of my face? Like a taste of raspberry cordial, a taste I have never known, something lost to my taste buds. Kind of like umami, only recently discovered. Did I only meet you for you to […]

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Sometimes in life, we get blocked. There is something that is inhibiting us from forward motion. I’ve had writer’s block for most of my life. I believed that I had nothing valid to say. It has been two years since I left my toxic marriage. In that short time, I have lived with family, friends, […]

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Manifeste de l’amour

Manifeste de l’amour I think a lot of things, a lot of the time. Ever since I can remember, I’ve kept these things hidden. I’m supposed to write? Write about what? My lifelong sorrow? The fleeting memories of joy? For what purpose, so you can really see into the mind of a fucking madwoman? I […]

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Letter to my future Love

I dreamed of you last night. You were here with me, keeping my feet warm. There is a chasm between us, an illusion of denial. You’re just out of reach, speaking to me through dreams. Maybe you don’t exist in this realm. My inner divine wants reciprocity. Let’s take a bubble bath, and splash around. […]

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In-between Spaces

This in-between space is treading water, purgatory. My heart and emotions on pause. I do not chase. Honestly, I would love to love you, in-between spaces. The one who reciprocates, will have me fully, no in-between spaces. Free, all bare, absolutely, beautifully,  infinite.

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Foolish Girl

I could sit with you unlimitedly. Thinking. Exchanging thoughts with our glances. Floating down a river, sunlight beams, water sparkling. Why must we do, instead of be? Alone, yet together? Together, but alone. Restless – isn’t there more, I’ve searched, for something, anything real. Trying to stop the feelings, to feel the feelings, to accept […]

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This is my safe zone. Freedom of speech and expression. It’s our human right. It is also my right to hold firm in my convictions. You can do the same, but if your convictions violate my human rights, my right to live in peace my right to love whom I choose, I will confront it. […]

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